The agave is certainly not a common garden plant, but you see the large plant more often now in sheltered places in gardens where there is room for them. The agave species with their sturdy blue leaves covered with large spines originate from Mexico and in our country they definitely need to be in full sun. In winter, shelter is needed. In a tub or large pot they are an ornament in the garden or on your terrace.

Height: 1 metre
When to sow agave: Plant in spring
Flowering time: Not applicable
Latin name: Agave
Type of plant: Drought plant
The leaves of some agave species are used to make tequila. The tough leaves are also used to make rope or mats.

2. Blue cushion

Blue cushion originally comes from the mountains and therefore feels most at home in a rock garden. The plant can withstand temperatures of -25°C and remains green all winter. It is then a useful ground cover with a cheerful bloom in spring. The plant will have a cushion shape if it develops well.

Height: 10 centimetres
When to sow blue cushion: autumn
Flowering time: April, May
Latin name: Aubrieta
Type of plant: ground covering rock plant
Blue cushion prefers a moist spot but can also stand dryness.

3. Blue Knot

The blue button has a blue/purple inflorescence from which its name is derived. These perennial blue-flowering plants effortlessly endure the low temperatures of our winter, but they are less resistant to heavy rainfall or snow. They hardly ever proliferate and can therefore be combined well.

Height: 70 centimetres
When to sow: Spring
Flowering time: July and August
Latin name: Succisa
Type of plant: perennial garden plant
Blue buttons belong in a south-facing garden in rich soil. Sufficient sunshine is a necessity.

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